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And Then There Were None poster

And Then There Were None

by Agatha Christie

Presented April and May 2006 at the Norway Grange
Sponsored by Maine Machine Products Company.

Directed by Tom Littlefield.

Eight strangers are invited to a weekend at an island mansion by Mr. and Mrs. U. N. Owen.

Upon their arrival they are greeted by two servants hired for the occasion who inform the guests that the Owens have been delayed in their arrival. Shortly after, the guests are confronted by a recording supposedly made by U. N. Owen, accusing each individual in the gathering of hiding a guilty and terrible secret, shedding new light on the reasons for their summoning to the island. Shortly after, the guests and servants begin to die, in a manner suggested by the nursery rhyme, “ Ten Little Soldier Boys.” The tension builds as the survivors try to figure out who is doing the murders and protect themselves from being one of the victims, but, one by one, they die, until by the end of the show, all but two are dead, and the murderer is revealed.

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And Then There Were None cast photo
Rogers Scott Maddix
Rogers Rachael Leighton
Fred Narracott Dennis Twitchell
Vera Claythorne Robin Galley
Philip Lombard Matt Delamater
Anthony Marston Andrew Mills
William Blore Stephen Sessions
General Mackenzie Bill Miller
Emily Brent Cynthia Reedy
Sir Lawrence Wargrave Tim Lorrain
Dr. Armstrong Elton Cole
Producers Claire Sessions and Leanne McKinney
Director Tom Littlefield
Assistant to the director Sally Jones
Stage manager/sound Joe Governale
Production assistant Gail Brusoe
Lights Joe Governale and Danny Governale
House managers Gail Brusoe, Kenn Sawyer
Costumes Linda Sturdivant and Dvorah Governale
Set design Claire Sessions
Set construction Stephen Sessions, Tim Lorrain, Elton Cole, Tom Littlefield, Norman Hutchins Jr. and Jeff Orwig
Scene painting Gail Smedburg and Claire Sessions
Publicity Sally Jones
Poster, tickets Richard McIntosh
Program Jeff Orwig, Norman Hutchins Jr.
And Then There Were None photo

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