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Murder at Cafe Noir postcard

Murder at Cafe Noir

by David Landau
music and lyrics by Nikki Stern

Presented August 2009 at the First Congregational Church, South Paris

Directed by Tom Littlefield.

A 40's private detective story come to life.

Rick Archer, P.I., is hired to find a runaway - "A gal who has more curves than the west coast highway." His search leads him to the Cafe Noir, the only club on the forgotten island of Mustique, a place stuck in the black & white 1940's. The cafe's owner has washed up murdered and the gal he came to find was the last person seen with him alive. Now he must use his hard-boiled detective talents to find the real killer. Was it the French Madame and manager of the club, the voodoo priestess, the shyster British attorney, the black marketeer, or the femme fatale herself?

Producers: Susan Alberi and Tom Littlefield

Murder at Cafe Noir cast photo
Rick Archer Stephen Sessions
Madame Toureau Carol Brown
Sheila Wonderley Tracy Ludwig
Anthony Cairo Scott Waterman
Maria Larue Katey Branch
Simon Gutterman Dennis Twitchell
Thursby/Vangilder/Rigfield Steve Jones

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