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Run For Your Wife

by Ray Cooney

Presented March 31-April 10, 2011, at the Norway Grange
Show sponsor: Norway Savings Bank

Directed by Kenn Sawyer.

A taxi driver gets away with having two wives in different areas of London because of his irregular working schedule. Injured while foiling a robbery, the cabby plays off two neighbors, two police officers and a newspaper reporter as he tries to keep his double life from exploding.

Run For Your Wife photo
John Smith Ian Griffiths
Mary Smith Rachael Leighton
Barbara Smith Cynthia Reedy
Stanley Gardner Elton Cole
Detective Sergeant Troughton Max Brown
Detective Sergeant Porterhouse Dennis Twitchell
Bobby Franklyn Kyle Martin
Newspaper Reporter Steve Sessions
Run For Your Wife photo
Run For Your Wife photo
Production Staff
Producers Susan Alberi and Jeff Orwig
Director Kenn Sawyer
Stage manager Stephen Sessions
Set design Norman Hutchins, Jr.
Set construction Tommy McFarlane, Linda Lenberg, Stephen Sessions, Steve St.Pierre, Norman Hutchins, Jr.
Scenery art Claire Sessions
Lighting design Norman Hutchins, Jr.
Light board operator Jared Jacobs
Props Jeff Orwig, Susan Alberi
House manager Terry Cole
Graphic design Jenny Adams
Photography Ethan McNerny
Run For Your Wife photo

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