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The Senator Wore Pantyhose poster

The Senator Wore Pantyhose

by Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore

Presented June 14-24, 2012, at the Norway Grange

Directed by Kenn Sawyer.

The failing presidential campaign of “Honest Gabe” Sandalson comes to the Sluckup Inn, Sluckup, PA, and Gabe’s manager, Tom, will do almost anything to keep his candidate in the public eye, including acquiring the endorsement of the leaders of the PMS (People’s Ministry of our Savior) Club, Jim and Fannie May Takker. When the Takkers insist on meeting MRS. Sandalson, who’s off delivering a women’s empowerment speech, Tom convinces Gabe to masquerade as his own wife. Meanwhile, bank robbers Paddy McMutton and Tony Panella return to the inn to collect the money that Paddy hid at the inn ten years ago (if he could only remember where!) Newsman Dan Blather senses a story and finds more than he expected. There are babies to be kissed, chili to be tasted, campaigning, romance, sex, felons—it’s politics as usual in Sluckup.

The Senator Wore Pantyhose cast photo
Chauncy Quince, a good-hearted innkeeper Stephen Sessions
Gabe Sandalson, an honest politician Ian Griffith
Tom Gordon, a not-so-honest campaign manager Collin Miclon
Rev. Jimmy Takker, a Jim Bakker-type minister Dennis Boyd
Fannie Mae Takker, a Tammy Fay Bakker-type wife Rachael Leighton
Nellie, the wayward girl Claire Cummings
Paddy McMutton, an escaped felon Chris Alberi
Tony Pinella, another bank robber Mike Porter
Dan Blather, a network newsman Ron Blake
Susan Sandalson, Gabe's wife Cynthia Reedy
The Senator Wore Pantyhose photo
The Senator Wore Pantyhose photo
Production Staff
Producers Terry Cole and Norman Hutchins, Jr.
Director Kenn Sawyer
Stage manager/sound effects Tom Littlefield
Stage hands Cynthia Reedy and Claire Cummings
Set design Norman Hutchins, Jr.
Set construction Norman Hutchins, Jr., Stephen Sessions, Claire Sessions, Mike Porter, Tom Littlefield, Ron Blake, Collin Miclon, Kenn Sawyer, Carol Huotari
Costumer Sharon Merrill
Lights Norman Hutchins, Jr. and Kenn Sawyer
House managers Susan Alberi and Jeff Orwig
Graphic design Jenny Adams
Photography Ethan McNerney
The Senator Wore Pantyhose photo

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