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Cinderella's Glass Slipper poster

Cinderella's Glass Slipper

Book by Vera Morris
Music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur

Presented June 2007 at Paris Hill Academy

Directed by Robin Galley.

This delightful large-cast musical will charm audiences of all ages.

Cinderella works hard in the home of her cruel stepmother. Her silly stepsisters, Brunhilda and Cleopatra, see themselves as beautiful and think the prince will marry them. Of course, the handsome prince spends most of the evening at a palace ball trying to escape from them!

The story is age-old, but you’ll meet playful new characters in this fresh adaptation: a brave mouse, a hesitant cat and the amazing Pumpkinhead, who changes into a coach! Our Fairy Godmother has her hands full tutoring an apprentice but still makes time for Cinderella. Amazing stage magic sends our heroine off to the palace.

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Cinderella's Glass Slipper cast
Troubadour Christie DesRochers
Cedric Will Kyle
Brunhilda Ashley Renee Dickinson
Cleopatra Katelyn Parsons
Stepmother Megan Osgood
Mouse Julia Bruce
Cinderella Patience Moxcey
Apprentice Lauren Galley
Mistress Haughty Abbey Goldberg
Majordomo Nicholus Troy Frank Remington III
Prince Andy Fickett
Fairy Godmother Molly Siegel
Pumpkinhead Moriah Lee
Lady Ursula-Ursula Sarah Brown
Lady Blossom Laurie Riihimaki
The Captain Cody O'Connor
The Lieutenant Jon Potter
Lady Vine Brittney Turnbull
Queen Keziah Lee
Citizens Kelsie Davidson, Kayla Newmeyer, Janelle Raven
Piano Dawson Hill
Drums Chris Montecalvo
Producers Shelly Shibles, Kathy Davis and Kristen Searles
Director Robin Galley
Music director Shirli Allen-Heald
Stage manager Anyah White
Stage Help Isaac Lee, Colin Vail
Rehearsal accompanist Dawson Hill
House manager Jennifer St.Pierre
Lights Danny Governale
Set design Jennifer St. Pierre
Set decoration Claire Sessions, Shelly Shibles and Kristen Searles
Set construction Claire Sessions, Stephen Sessions and Tom Littlefield
Costumer Dvorah Governale
Photography Ethan McNerny
Poster, tickets Shelly Shibles and Norman Hutchins Jr.
Program Shelly Shibles, Kristen Searles and Jeff Orwig
Publicity Sally Jones

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