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Don't Dress for Dinner poster

Don't Dress for Dinner

by Marc Camoletti

Presented November 2007 at the Norway Grange
Sponsored by Maurice Restaurant Francais.

Directed by Linda Sturdivant.

Bernard is planning a weekend at his French farmhouse with Suzanne, his chic Parisian mistress.

He has arranged for a cordon bleu chef, Suzette, to prepare some gourmet delights. He is packing his wife Jacqueline off to her mother's, and has even invited his best friend, Robert, to provide the alibi. It's foolproof; what could possibly go wrong? . . .

What if Jacqueline decides not to go to her mother’s? Suppose Robert and Jacqueline are secret lovers? What happens if there are too many girls named Suzy? What if the chef has to pretend she’s the mistress? What if the mistress can’t cook? Who is George, and why is he so angry?

Chaos and confusion reign as Bernard juggles his mistress, his wife, her lover, the cook, and the cook's husband - leaving the hapless Robert to take all the blame!

"Hurtling along at the speed of light, this breathtaking farce is a near faultless piece of theatrical invention."

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Bernard Kenn Sawyer
Robert Stephen Sessions
Jacqueline Carol Brown
Suzanne Stephanie Day
Suzette Molly Rennie
George Tom McFarlane
Director Linda Sturdivant
Producers Connie Allen and Leanne McKinney
Assistant to the director/stage manager Kathy Davis
Backstage assistant Kayla Newmeyer
House managers Sue Alberi and Elton Cole
Lights John Governale
Board operators Chris Alberi and Kyle Martin
Technical coordinator Zilpha Chouinard
Set design Claire Sessions
Mural artist Zilpha Chouinard
Costumer Becki Ladner
Photography Zilpha Chouinard
Poster, tickets Richard McIntosh
Program Connie Allen and Linda Sturdivant
Publicity Sally Jones

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